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Welcome to Sky Audio Productions, where we help turn ideas into art.  I’m Eric, and my business is a culmination of over 25 years of passionate experience in multiple facets of musical creation and recording.  I happily and humbly offer my help, expertise, suggestions, skills, and services to you, and anybody else who may benefit from them.  I live for, and love making music, and also love helping others to do the same.


Here is a short list of some things I am passionate about, have lots of experience in, and enjoy helping fellow musicians with:


-Songwriting help and collaboration

-Producing, and creating engaging guitar, bass, drum, midi, and vocal tracks

-Live/acoustic and electronic/midi instrumentation




-Honest, experienced, and constructive feedback

-A fun, productive, and creative environment and atmosphere

My passion for music began as far back as I can remember, listening to the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Ray Charles, Bach, blues, Motown, soul, and a wide range of pop and rock music as a young kid in New York.  By age 13, I finally picked up my first guitar, and haven’t put it down since.  By 16, I had saved up enough to buy my first 4 track recording studio, and my fascination and love with recording and producing began, and continues to this day.


Fast forward 27 years, and I have picked up a considerable amount of experience with recording, engineering, songwriting, mixing, mastering, playing in bands, producing, collaborating, learning multiple instruments, drum programming, and of course, honing my guitar skills.  I have learned many things from multiple sources, including top-notch teachers, schools, workshops, friends, bands, collaborators, textbooks, the internet, and trial and error, and continue to learn, practice, experiment, improve, and create everyday.


Few things in life give me greater pleasure than making great music, and helping others to do the same.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions in mind or projects at hand you’d like to discuss.


  Thanks, and I wish all the best to you and your endeavors, and look forward to helping out in any way I can.  Cheers!                                 


       -Eric “EJ” Johnson-


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The Studio

Sky Audio Productions is based out of my home studio in Seattle, on the border between Freemont and Wallingford.  The space is a nice comfortable size (12’ x 12’), properly acoustically treated, and has a warm, relaxing vibe.  It is perfect for recording vocals, guitar, bass, piano, and pretty much anything we may need. I have several platforms and programs for creating amazing sounding drum tracks, and I can customize and tailor sounds and grooves to fit any project you may have in mind with amazing results.  I could also import any live drum or studio tracks you may have or want to use very easily.  I have a nice collection of acoustic and electric guitars and amps, and a quality MIDI keyboard linked to an endless amount of beautiful piano sounds, as well as synths, orchestras, strings, wood/wind/brass instruments, drum kits, and sound effects.


I currently use Logic Pro X as my main recording platform coupled with a very capable and powerful iMac. This, along with top-notch Apogee converters, JBL monitors, a small army of microphones and some great sounding software and hardware preamps and effects, deliver superb sound quality, and results I guarantee you will be happy with, at affordable prices.


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